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specialising in the sale of small collectibles with a strong emphasis on Irish material.

Banknotes, Coins & Medals, Autographs, Stamps & Postal History

Postcards, Cigarette Cards, Ephemera, Sports Programmes - Rugby, Soccer and GAA.

Fixed Price Lists (First Come, First Served) every 3 months

Mail Bid Sales (Postal Auctions) every 3/4 months

BIN Lists (Buy It Now) every 6 months


Latest Sale:

Mail Bid Sale 122 closed 25th Nov 2022

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Past Sales

Mail Bid Sale 120 closed Fri 16th Sept 2022: Results 

Mail Bid Sale 118 closed 10th June 2022 RESULTS

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Mail Bid Sale 114 closed 19th Nov 2021    RESULTS

Mail Bid Sale 112 closed 27th August 2021 Pictures     RESULTS

Mail Bid Sale 110 closed Friday 4th June 2021......RESULTS

Mail Bid Sale 106 closed Wed 29th July 2020.......Results

Mail Bid Sale 104 closed Wed 29th January 2020.........RESULTS

Mail Bid Sale 102 closed 2nd October 2019..........RESULTS

Mail Bid Sale 100 closed 3rd July 2019............RESULTS



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