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This is a Mail Bid Sale and bids should be submitted on the enclosed form (or by email or telephone) before the listed closing date.

All lots will be sold to the highest bidder at one step over the next highest bid. For example, if you bid €140 and the next highest bid is €100, you get the lot at €110.

Estimates: Estimated values are given for each lot in the right hand column in €. All lots are reserved and bids at less than 80% of estimate are unlikely to be successful.

Descriptions: Please read carefully; condition is usually given as a range for mixed lots. Numbers of items in the lot are given in brackets at end of description.

There is no buyers' commission on lots. A handling charge of €2 per lot will apply to all purchases. Postage, packing and registration, if required, will be charged at cost.

In the case of equal bids, the first bid received will be given preference.

Break Ties: If this instruction is entered with a bid, the bid will be increased by one step only in the event of equal bids being received.

Bidding steps are as follows: Up to €19 in €1 steps; €20 to €48 in €2 steps; €50 to €95 in €5 steps; €100 and above in €10 steps.

"Or" Bids:Bidders may bid on two or more lots, and wish to purchase only one, by entering "OR" between the bids.

Buy Bids:Bids to "Buy" or "Buy at Best" cannot be taken. These will be converted to three times estimate; this will not guarantee purchase of the lot

Limit Bidding:Bidders may limit their total purchases to an amount stated on the bidding form. This allows bids to be placed on all lots of interest, while setting a maximum amount to be spent.

Bids should be sent by post on the Bid Form provided. Telephone, fax or email bids are acceptable if subsequently confirmed in writing.

Successful bidders will be sent a pro forma invoice after the sale with details of payment methods. Usually, payment must be received before purchases can be sent. Lots may be collected by arrangement.

Illustrations: Lots with Pic after the description are illustrated.

Catalogues:Where quoted, most recent calogues are used including Hibernian, MacDonnell Whyte (MW), Michel (Mi), Stanley Gibbons (SG), IPM Picture Postcard Values (IPM), Cigarette Card Values (Murray), Seaby Coins of Scotland & Ireland (S), MacDevitt Irish Banknotes.

Postage:Sendings of over €100 will be sent registered at buyer's cost. In the unlikely event of a loss, liability is limited to the amount reclaimable from the Post Office.

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